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Spreading Aloha through Shave Ice

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Aloha, we're proud to be a staple of the Honolulu community, and we're thrilled to share our passion for shave ice with locals and visitors from around the world. Welcome to the Waiola Ohana!! 


Harrison Ines, Forbes, 2020

“Waiola’s is the fluffiest, And by being the fluffiest their syrups are going to take the longest time to fall to the bottom. You’re going to have the softest texture in your mouth. The first time I ever had it, it felt like I ate a cloud."

An Offer You'll Love

Looking for a refreshing dessert to share with your family or friends? Waiola Shave Ice Catering is the perfect solution. We will set up, serve shave ice then pack up.  Celebrate your special day with the sweet taste of Waiola's pillowy ice

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